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Eudaimonic Centre for Positive Change and Well-being

Every time we introduce our Centre, we meet with raised eyebrows, a slow nod that ends in a quizzical look, a polite "Sorry ….? Can you say that again…?", sheer curiosity… all of this. Some pretend they understand it, other brave souls ask us outright, or discreetly Google and a few repeat the name saying it has a nice ring to it. Now, this is exactly what we anticipated as we christened our baby. We intended that the name of our centre should be novel, arouse curiosity and interest, symbolize the essence of Well Being and above all, have a venerated history yet appeal to the current generation. The history goes back to Aristotle, the inventor of the concept of Eudaimonia (derived from the root word 'daimon' which means 'true nature'). He thought that true happiness is found by leading a virtuous life and doing what is worth doing. He argued that realizing one’s potential is the ultimate goal of an individual. Eudaimonic happiness refers to Well Being which comes from having a deep sense of purpose and meaning in life, and one that endures over a long time beyond material boundaries. As opposed to this is the concept of Hedonic happiness – the happiness that comes from instant self gratification, and an endless quest that brings temporary joy, not happiness or wellbeing. Happiness as we know is the only thing that human beings desire for their own sake, unlike riches, honor, or fame. In the pursuit of happiness and to create a happy space, was born "Eudaimonic centre", with an insignia symbolizing a ‘smile’, emerging out of 'psy' - the symbol of psychology, realised through the tenets of Positive Psychology.

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